A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made as part of the LD39 competition and was made in less than 48 hours completely from scratch by me.

The controls are W (or up) to jump, A and D(or left and right) to move, S (or down) to feed the totem and left mouse button to shoot. You can also jump multiple times using a charge with each additional jump. 3 unique enemy types, endless waves, local score saving, and an all around fun time!

The downloads has both the game and the source project. If you just want to play, download the one that says "DorgusNeedsPower" and run the executable. The source project is for Gamemaker Studio 2 and is titled DorgusLD39.

The installer is added for those having any difficulty running the executable. If you face any technical issues leave a comment or message me on twitter!




Dorgus Needs Power The Game 9 MB
DNP The Source Project 1 MB
DNP Installer 9 MB


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could you put a link to your ludum dare page in the description so people can still vote if they find your game on itch?

Adding to description but I'll link it here too = D