A downloadable game for Windows

Play as an Imp and kill intruding adventurers in this tower-defense style game.

This game was created as an entry in GameDevNetwork's Gooseberry Jam and is not a full title.

Controls - Left Mouse Button

Twitter https://twitter.com/artbywilldata?lang=en

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ImpWimp.zip 8 MB


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The most original game I played so far in this jam. It's very interesting. Also the art style is awesome. My strategy in this game was to use stones to block enemies at the door and smash them with the hammer. Looking forward to more games from you.

Cool game man!! i Love how the imp places the towers and traps by hand. ha the whole game has a nice feel to it i can see myself playing this!! i like the art style. my one  criticism would be that i realy wanted the imps eyes to follow the mouse around as i moved it and possibly when the  enemys get close to the end maybe his eyes should snap over to them. none of its needed but i think it would ad a lot if you end up working on this after the jam.  All in all great work on this and I hope we see more from you in the future!!